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Life ~ Lust ~ and Love

Joy Weston's latest book is now available! It’s been over a decade since she first wrote "How an Ordinary Woman Can Have an Extraordinary Life: The Formula for The Art of Living Well" a book that was released in 14 languages and available in 22 countries. In her latest book explore the secrets Joy has utilized each and everyday to live a wonderfully fulfilling life!

"What an Uplifting Book! An illuminating "sneak peak" into the mind set of confident, happy women."





"The Formula for the art of living well, that when understood and utilize, will change your life forever."


"From a woman's point of view, the truth and the myths for creating success in all areas of a man's life."



"A travelholics search for life's simple secrets & the dessert du jour~with an amazing marketing reach!"

"La fórmula para el arte de vivir bien, que cuando se entiende y utilizar, va a cambiar tu vida para siempre!"

"Joy's words, whether written, spoken or recorded are powerful tools for awakening and amp up your own magnificence. Her special gift of being able to uncover my blind spots while magnifying the deeper gifts I have to offer, has made me truly happy...physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. For any women that wants to develop her own inner power to make her everyday life more extraordinary. Get JOY in your life!"
"Half the world is made up of the opposite sex, so understanding how to properly communicate with them in business as well as in your personal life~is essential. After hearing Ms. Weston deliver a great motivational speech and then reading her very informative book, bringing Joy in to mentor me and my staff with her developed insights and skills was a smart decision and for some, life-changing."
"Joy Weston brought an enlightening and practical approach to expanding our market share. She has delivered beyond our expectations with her innate ability to create opportunities and open up new customer relationships. We have seen great success through her coaching and mentoring capabilities and I would recommend her to anyone trying to communicate with clients at a higher level to expand their community outreach. What else can I say, she is a gem."

The Circle of Community Partnership is an exciting ambitious philanthropic project, designed to enhance and inspire a culture of generosity to an untapped demographic of local citizens on the Sun Coast of Florida.