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~An internationally acclaimed Expert in the Fine Art of Communications in Personal and Business Relationships with staff, clients and associates.


Full Disclosure: Joy Weston ONLY works with an individual who Truly wants to be the “Best Version of Yourself” and is willing to put in the investment of time and monies to become the person they could truly love and respect.

All coaching sessions done via FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Q & A (from a TV interview in Europe)

“Joy, you say you are a Life Strategist, Mentor, Coach. What is the difference?”
Wow…that is such an interesting question…because if the truth be told, in my mind there is no difference, and often at the same time I am all three! As a Life Strategist I go beyond the confines of what is known as traditional counseling, by guiding my clients in navigating some murky waters and difficult decisions. I see my work as helping others discover their personal power, purpose and passions so they can align themselves with their vision of who they want to be and how they want to do it.

“How do you do that?”
Strategically, I coach my clients with result-oriented solutions based on my knowledge and their own personal story. We work together to create the quality relationships they desire and deserve. I help them more clearly identify the internal and external issues, as well as the actions and reactions that have gotten in the way of achieving the results they have envisioned. Together the teacher and student grow, together we heal and mend. As their dedicated mentor, I form a partnership based on trust and expertise in empowering each of my clients to be their own master~ the best version of who they are meant to be. With decades of gained wisdom and experience fine-tuned by working with literally 1000’s of women and men all over the world, I bring a “walked in your shoes mentality” with absolute proven positive results.

“Maybe it was a mid-life crisis or maybe the path I was on had come to an end but either way when I met Joy my life was in tatters. My marriage, my relationships, and my business were all collapsing. Joy worked with me to the root cause of the failures I was experiencing and then gave me the tools to refocus my energy and thoughts towards solutions. Not necessarily the solutions I wanted but rather the solutions that were best for me. She made me promises that through my work with her that I would repair the good relationships, move away from the ones that would not work, find true love and rebuild my business. Those were some big promises and I didn’t believe her but I had nothing to lose by being honest with her and following her guidance… all of her promises came true for me in ways I never expected. Joy helped me rebuild my life in ways I did not think possible. Thank you Joy for helping me become the person I always wanted be and having the life I always wanted!”

Steve M
Business Owner

“So here I was at 59 years old and at the peak of my life’s collective success both professionally and personally. I had experienced exciting multiple career’s as a nationally recognized inventor with over 70 patents and a Real Estate Developer. I had an adventurous and loving family and great health.

At 61 the seas of my life started getting choppy but I had in the past been able to adjust course with little collateral damage. This time however it seemed that my even slight course adjustments resulted in severe oversteer and I was now heading into a storm. I had over the year taken on two substantial projects without understanding I was now 61 not 35 but I loved the excitement of the next business adventure and pushed forward.

At some point I started to become exhausted and out of sink physically and emotionally to the point my world was now in control of me. I had embarked on a path to find out why I felt tired, frustrated and anxious as all were relatively new extremes for me. In the search to medically improve my declining health I met an alternative medicine practitioner who was more helpful than the traditional approaches I had become frustrated by.

In one of my consultations I made a comment that it would be nice to have a non family member to converse with about my thoughts who would be a good listener with life experience. It was also important that this individual did not have a script pad ready to prescribe meds. I knew I was out of balance and needed some tools to implement in order to regain some control over my life. I was referred to Joy and though I did not follow up immediately I received a call few days later from Joy and we set a time to get acquainted.

From the time of our first formal get together, I felt I had a partner that understood where I was and how I got there. Joy was very helpful in providing the insight and had the ability to help me understand the emotional responses to stressors in my business and personal life.

Additionally by reverse engineering some health strategies she was able to point out important areas that were directly affecting my health. I thought it was my health affecting my outlook and approach to problem solving but in many cases my health was being negatively affected by my own inability to see clear and positive outcomes. I had in fact evolved into a negative loop process and could not see a place to jump free of that destructive cycle.

Joy is a great listener and with a personal life filled with valuable experience, intuition and education she everyday brought the right tools to help move me forward in my quest to improve the way I managed my life.
Though I will probably not make the “Deans List” regarding strict discipline to doing the homework, my time with Joy has been more valuable than all the other traditional and non traditional approaches I experienced combined. Furthermore it has been a great investment in myself.

I value that Joy will be standing by to help me navigate my next charted path which may get a bit bumpy and Joy is an expert at finding then adjusting the seat belt for a smoother ride.”

Kip Fuller
Entrepreneur Inventor

“How exactly do you do that?”
Through years of experience I have developed the ability to really listen to the needs, intentions and desires of each individual client-whether it’s personal or dealing with their business issues. Through empathy and understanding what the real issues are, together we create a partnership based on trust and expertise. With solution-oriented actions focused on the whole person and a personally designed “tool chest “created with their own proactive abilities, my clients awaken to their true potential and how to manifest their heart’s desire.

I think outside the box and custom design my sessions to fit each of my clients and their needs. By prioritize issues while developing a solid customized plan of action for optimal results, I have developed unique ways of getting people unstuck that I have been told no one else is using!

“Why do you think you are so sought-after in the personal and business arena?
Well, I think it’s because I have been a student and teacher on The Fine Art of Communications for many years now in the personal and business sector, and fortunately the word has gotten out! In reality, everything and every positive and negative outcome, is based on how we communicate-first with ourselves and then others. And in a worldwide sense, people are starting to really understand the importance in the outcome of how we do communicate and want to acquire and fine-tune this skill and talent.

Chippy“A year and a half ago, my life shattered into an million pieces. In an instant, all that understood as reality changed. I was left in a great abyss. How does one recover from something so tragic? The answer came as Joy. Piece by piece, I was put together. Colors formed around the outer edges of my world and eventually filled up my entire space. Her words entwined with love and magic inspires, uplifts and heals. She helps you find the very core of your essence. In the process you learn to love yourself, find grace in tragedy and ultimately forgive.”

Dr. Chippy Nalluri MD, FACC
Cardiologist/Heart Specialist of Sarasota 

Michelle Pennie “Joy is a special treasure. She is filled with invaluable knowledge, insight and guidance to navigate the treacherous waters of life, love, work, friendships and family. She is an action woman – she assesses the problems and provides actionable advice to get the desired outcome. Her sessions are focused and effective. I have worked with many counselors and advisors, but Joy is the one I still work with to guide me in life, love and business. She knows the essence of what really matters in life and she will share it with those who come with an open heart and open mind.”

Dr. Michelle Pennie
Board-certified dermatologist & fellowship trained Mohs skin cancer surgeon.

“How does this relate to the audiences you coach and speak to all over the world?
Basically I am a Communication Expert. So whether it is personal or business relationships, the boiled down issues are pretty much the same. People usually hire me because they are stuck at a certain level in their relationships with others or themselves. A bit lost around their vision for their career or business (and themselves) and are eager to move on from what has kept them stuck.

They may seem to all be different issues, but basically they are the same. They all require someone with the skills, knowledge and heartfelt intuition and good sense to help them recreate the perfect blueprint for their life.

“So you are a cheerleader as well?”
Yes,(laughter here) I am…and darn good at it! I do sincerely encourage, inspire my clients to own their magnificence and personal power, personally and professionally. I motivate them to take on challenges that will positively change all aspects of their lives, and I focus on assisting them totally in the follow through. In essence, I support my clients unconditionally every step of the way!

“Fate is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the work that Joy and I have done together. She began to work with me after one of the most difficult moments in my life, where I felt extremely depressed and unmotivated. As a man, it’s difficult to feel like that. However, after a few sessions with Joy, I was able to get out of that funk and a newer, stronger, happier version of me emerged. I feel more in control than ever before and life has taken on a sense of freedom and excitement that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

Jose Alberto, LMT
Health & Body Worker

Reeny KANEY“I am a personal client of Joy Weston’s and she has worked with me for the past several months teaching and guiding me to take my power back and create a life for me filled with all the goodness I can have. I am a successful businesswoman and have 2 wonderful children along with many friends. I reached a major turning point in my life , which included heartbreak, confusion , lack of confidence and deep sadness. I have worked with other counsellors in the past, but no one has ever compared to Joy Weston.

She listens and treats you as the most special individual that is on this earth. She guides me with tools and solutions to my personal problems and issues. Her focus is always to solve the problems and empower me to make the right choices to have the life I want filled with happiness and JOY. She takes the time and caring to get the right answer for me, just like she does for all her other clients. Her knowledge, experiences and her gift to help others is endless. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with such a gifted wonderful, caring and really helpful coach should run to get in line to work with Joy.

I would be honored and happy to speak with anyone to let them know what a difference it has made to work with “the best”coach Joy Weston. We all invest in many different things, but to invest in your well-being and be guided in the right, positive direction only to make your life better is the best thing I have done and recommend it to everyone. Thank you Joy for your gifts that you share, I am truly blessed to have
you in my life.

Joy, thank you so much for the incredibly inspirational and motivational presentation you gave today, and thanks again for this enlightening interview. Your enthusiasm and authentic joy is contagious! I look forward to experiencing more of “the gift of JOY!

Professional Realtor and Investor.

Below are a just a small sampling of some more Glowing Testimonials….

Cathy Carrubba“From the moment that I meet Joy I knew that somehow this incredible woman would be a positive influence in my life, and over the last 3 years I have known Joy in many capacities. She has been my mentor and my friend. Joy has taught me to savor the moments and given me strength in her guidance through difficult life challenges. Joy is an intelligent, dedicated and loving woman who brings her experience and knowledge to many around her who are willing to embrace all that life has to offer. After taking a 7-week course on “Owning Your Own Magnificence” and reading Joy’s books I can declare that this woman knows what she’s talking about (and walks her talk to boot)! As a life coach Joy is focused on bringing confidence to her clients and is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity Joy has shown me how to turn ordinary into Extraordinary and for that she will always be in my life and my heart. I am a better person for having Joy Weston in my life. I am thankful for the day our paths crossed.”
Catherine (Cathy) Carrubba
MSW CSW Sarasota, Florida  

Darlene Marks “When I first met Joy, I was a shell of my present self, as she, and the wonderful, powerful, magnificent women that I was honored to go through her courses with can attest to! The transformation that has taken place since spending time with Joy, reading her books, and watching her example, is nothing less than a miraculous gift. Working with Joy has been… well, a Joy! Her spirit and enthusiasm for life overflows into everything she does and is nothing short of infectious. Her example of living a magnificent life is an inspiration to all who know her. She has helped me to see my beauty and magnificence and how to share it with the world around me. Joy has graciously shown me how to overcome old and new obstacles in my life that would otherwise have been a roadblock to the fabulous life I now live, that only continues to become more magnificent. The gift of friendship that I have in her and all the wonderful women I have met through her, continue to feed my soul daily. I’m forever grateful to have met Joy and I am privileged to call her my friend!”

Darlene Marks BSN, RN, CCRN – CSC

Marie Gelfand“As a nurse, we are born to help others. This frequently results is giving of ourselves to the point of self-sacrifice. After 42 years of giving, a divorce and relocation, my life was spent. I hated who I was but lacked the skills to not only change, but even to identify what needed to change to experience an extraordinary life. After working with Joy, I feel like a butterfly that has broken free of the constraints of my cocoon. I now have everything I need to soar beyond what I ever dreamed or imagined. I not only love who I have become, but I love my job so much more because I have so much more to give. The valuable insights and information Joy generously shares, really did change my life! I now have such a feeling of satisfaction for whatever is possible in my life. Joy has changed my life forever!

Marie Gelfand ~ Senior Nurse

Erin Jamel-Dawson“Three thumbs up!!! Joy Weston is Superb!!! I feel her 7 week course I have taken in “How to own your own Magnificence“ This course has changed my life in many ways, I did not know was even possible. I would try it again… My life at work and home are harmonious and alive… My relationships with people are heightened with awareness and with happiness… Whereas before I was going through the motion in every aspect of everyday business and personal. I thought I was really complete… And I realized I was a gerbil on the wheel… Day in and day out… But now!!! My relationships with people are closer and so real… I practice the tools of totally living her powerful methods of your thoughts and your actions and reactions to what you say, how you live by what you say, think and do. All of this is important to practice in gaining health and happiness. Absolutely Mind changing!!!”
Erin Jamel-Dawson ~ Principal ~ Inspirational Salon & Spa
Russet Coviello

“Joy’s personal coaching and workshops has been such a positive element in my life that I am proud to spread the word. I encourage any women- or man for business or personal issues- who wants to learn how to live an extraordinary life, deserves to give themselves the time to go soak in the wisdom of Joy.”
Russet Coviello, esthetician/clothes designer

Patti Tebo“I am so thankful to have met Joy and have her in my life as a friend, mentor, coach, councilor.  The love and joy that she is filled with, overflows into every part of her life. I am truly blessed that it is now overflowing into my life! I’m excited to see all the places we will grow to!”
Patti Tebo, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

Susan Goldfarb“Joy Weston brings her infectious enthusiasm for life to every project, person and room that she fills with her joy! I have worked with Joy as a personal client, taken her seven week course “Own Your Own Magnificence” and also attended various one-day presentations and workshops. Her platform is clear. She wants everyone to feel good about themselves and to reach their innate, full potential as magnificent individuals.

All the discussions, subject matter, feedback and research is organized and planned with specific goals to be discussed, explored, discovered and finally—incorporated into our lives. I have had some amazing insights about myself and the epiphanies are not always what I would expect. Sometimes I found out how even my perceived strengths were pulling me down and preventing me from fully evolving into the loving, kind, compassionate, intelligent woman that I strive to be.

Joy’s skills in the fine art of communications are impeccable, as joy seems to emanate from Joy’s pores! Because of her I now have a more grateful attitude and I often reframe things that I think or say so that the positive aspects blast through the negative, counter-productive behavior that does not serve me. Through her work, I feel like I learn new processes to guide my life through osmosis! I have grown since experiencing Joy and the wisdom and skills she shared with us. I am a Joy devotee and it gives me great pleasure and honor to spread the word of Joy’s exudes mission to bring “joy” to everyone’s life.”

Susan Goldfarb
Executive Director ~ The Longboat Key Education Center

Nancy Rego“Joy Weston has truly been powerful and transformative in my life. Joy generously shares her special brand of wisdom gleaned from both personal experiences and worldly knowledge, and delivers it in a way that supports growth and provides avenues to healthy alternative thinking and behaviors that in turn can lead to more empowered healthy thoughts and actions. There is no doubt that any woman, (or man), at any age can benefit from Joy’s unique delivery of potentially life-altering messages. I highly recommend Joy Weston’s special brand of public speaking, workshops, strategic coaching and books for better understanding of self, and one’s self in relationships and personal growth.”

Nancy Rego
Principal at Rego Design Interiors & Associate at Dwell Interiors

If you are interested in meeting with Joy Weston about working with her as your Life Strategist, Personal Coach or Mentor…If you are interested in having Joy come assess and teach you and your business staff The Fine Art of Communications for on-going continued success and harmony…Or If you are interested in having Joy come speak at a conference, organization, or group email She will love hearing from you!

**The consultation session is her gift to you. No Cost, just a chance for both of you to get to know each other and explore the possibilities.
Until then…en-JOY!