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"I have such a passion to share the "secret" Formula I've learned that can turn anyone's ordinary life into an Extraordinary one. To inspire and motivate others to not only reach for the stars, but to experience the peace and joy of using one’s Mind Over Matter under all circumstances. It is as much a gift for me to give a keynote speech, a customized presentation, Attraction Marketing event or lead a training, seminar or retreat, as I've been told it is for my audience to receive it. Making a difference in the life of another person’s, is the realization of my life’s purpose, my North Star and the greatest reward of all." “Some of my most joyful moments come from being able to take my clients unique message and blend it with my unique message into a presentation that motivates others to do things and be more than they were before. I have honed my skills over two decades with the intentions and vision of being able to make a difference in the lives of men and women and their interests~ whether they be personal, business or philanthropic~ through the spoken and written word. As an author who has had the good fortune of having my books read in many countries around the world, I often combine the wisdom I have garnered into presentations using these works as my foundation, allowing me to touch audiences in a memorable way. I hope you will give me the opportunity to do that for you or the company you represent as well.” Below are some samples of speeches Joy Weston has given which can easily be adapted to any age, ethnic group, organization, or company anywhere. Joy is a master at delivering your unique message to your specific target audience woven masterfully into her inspirational style of speaking.
  • How an Ordinary Woman/Man Can Have an Extraordinary Life~Learning how to use Your Mind over Whatever is The Matter
  • How an Ordinary Dream Can Become Your Extraordinary Career~The Path to Becoming a Successful Leader~ Communications 101
  • The Formula for The Art of Living Well~The Way for Turning ordinary Anything into Extraordinary Everything!
  • Always Play to the Audience That Applauds You~The elixir for real Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
  • The Gift of Seven Faults~The Secret for Creating and Keeping Loving Relationships
  • If Not Now, When?The Fine Art of Turning Anger, Fear, and Guilt into Welcome Friends
  • Making a Difference~ Philanthropy in Its Truest Sense.Being the Change-One Person, One Action, One Moment at a Time
  • Loving and “Youthifying” That Aging Body of Yours~Transforming Your Mind and Body into a Beautiful Ageless Being
  • The Mastery of Prosperity~Combining Productivity, Peace and Pleasure for a Happy Joyful Life
Customize presentations weaving your unique message into Joy's inspiring motivational speaking, is her specialty. Give Joy a call and together create magic and miracles! Write to Joy via e-mail: Joy@JoyWeston.com

"Joy Weston is a truly a top-notch speaker who delivers even more than she promises. ‘Turning the ordinary into the Extraordinary’ is Joy’s platform and clearly her mission as she does everything to keep her audience entertained and glued to her every word. Joy received the standing ovation she so deserved and we couldn’t have been more pleased."

Jan Sumpter
HR Director,
Preston and Lowe, Inc.


"Thank you Joy Weston for delivering one of the best presentations we have ever had! We are still getting wonderful reports back from all the women about how inspiring and motivating your message was, while totally entertaining them for over one and half hours. You are really top-notch and we all look forward to seeing and hearing you again very soon."

Ann Northington
AAOHN VP of Development,
Nurse’s Conference


"Clearly Joy’s goal is to find out what your intentions are for your meeting and what you want your audience to do better as a result of hearing her speak. Because Joy’s cleverly designed presentation spoke specifically to our objectives woven into one of the most entertaining and inspiring message. She came early, stayed late and took the time to autograph books and speaks to everyone who desired. Joy Weston delivered a performance that exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have been more pleased."

MJ Smithers
Director of Marketing.
HB Johnson Inc

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