Some have called this “a travelholics memoirs with the delicious secrets of life sprinkled throughout”, while others see it as “a guidebook for the connoisseur in search of the sweet life”. Joy remembers it as a food lover’s spiritual expedition to the most amazing countries and places in the world, while experiencing an adventure of a lifetime. Whether learning the tango in Buenos Aires, luxuriating over High Tea in London, topping the tapas in Barcelona, exploring the waters of Santiago, mangia in Roma, finding her passion in Paris or waltzing through Vienna, “Joy’s witty and unique observations, mixed with her focused eye to uncover yet another of life’s simple lessons, created a gift you will savor in the unwrapping.” The perfect way for a vacationer or armchair traveler to experience a holiday First Class within their own comfort zone, while learning some life lessons along the way. Did I mention that each story has a recipe for the dessert du jour? So fun!

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